Hi There! I’m a Director and Storyboard Artist.

I’m working in the animation industry for over 25 years as Director, Storyboard
Supervisor and Layout Supervisor

I realized storyboards for Millimages “Pirata&Capitano “ season 1 and 2 , Boulder Media’s “My
little pony” and “Little Pet Shop”, Brown Bag’s “Bing”, Marathon’s “ Martin Mistery and many others.

I’m actually CoArtistic Director for Doghead Animation Studio and I was been Layout Supervisor of Netflix’s “Tear Along the Dotted line” .

I was been director of the second season animated TV series Fandango/RaiKids “ TrulliTales”,
RaiFiction TVspecial “H2OAcquaTeam- Sea mission”, France TV/RaiKids CGI preschool serie ” Miniheroes of the forest”

I also a Storyboard artist on all kind of music shortclip for artist like
Mika, ThaSupreme, Zucchero, Jovanotti and many more.